Wentworth Miller- Dubbing EDI

18. ledna 2009 v 18:10 | StealthKaelly |  Behind the scenes videos


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1 Jetta Windstar Jetta Windstar | E-mail | Web | 25. ledna 2009 v 22:17 | Reagovat

Its amazing how much effort they put into all this digital and technological things to make EDI work. such a master piece. Is EDI in part, a real aircraft? Or is that just wishful thinking? I know there ARE unmanned aircraft out there, but i cant recall if theyre exactly like EDI or not.

I think they picked the right voice actor for EDI too :), his voice is creepy yet awesome when he says: "good bye, henry."

also, i havent found a guest book on here, but i LOVE how you decorated the site. the background, headers and organization are way awesome. i especially like the background choice and the pretty header.

I would look at the comics but theyre not in my language DX.

2 Lightwild Lightwild | 26. ledna 2009 v 8:29 | Reagovat

yay thanks so much XD

I'm so glad you like it here :)

Yeah they are in czech. But I could add here on the site languages in english, so you could understand. And guest book will be here soon,

lol yeah Edi couldn't have better voice actor XD he soudns so awesome and sympatical, reminds me Kitt from Knight Rider XD I think if doctor created another plane, it couldn't be same like Edi, I hope they will meet again

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