One Shots

3. února 2010 v 11:10 | Lightwild
To let you know One ahots are short one chapter stories, often concerning on characters, and mainly their emotions. And relationships beetwen them. Here is list of one shots what our website offers.

So enjoy reading :)

EDI is haunted by nightmares and his old fears, when his father isn't near, it's on Ben to calm his friend and partner.
Main Characters: EDI and Ben
Support characters: Kara
Genre: Partnership / Friendship / Hurt-Comfort
Rating: K+

Missing scene from the movie. While flight to save Kara from North Korea Ben fell asleep. And EDI could make a decision what to do.
Main Characters: EDI and Ben
Support characters:-
Genre: Missing scene / Friendship
Rating: K+

Ben is stressed and when Edi says he wants to help him he is confused. He then founds himself spending very pleasant moments with his partner. Slash warning!
Main Characters: EDI and Ben
Support characters: -
Genre: Romance / Slash
Rating: M

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