EDIho srdce / EDI's heart

14. července 2010 v 16:59 | StealthKaelly
Edi's new module body is charged by his mechanical heart. Doctor Orbit knew very well he will need a source of energy, what doesn't need to be charged by other source. So he gave Edi this strong source of life. Heart is glowing with a bright blue light, what can't be seen under Edi's black body shell. Until the shell is opened and heart can be taken out. The center of the heart reminds of shining crystal, Keith wanted to show that Edi has a clean, young and innocent soul, so he made his heart to look like that.Even when it is just a beautiful little machine, it beats. Beating can be found, when hand is put on Edi's chest. With CPU this is the most important part of Edi's body.

Heart can be connected to another energy source, to give or take energy. In case of a real danger Edi has too a small supply of power, if heart is destroyed. He can then hang on for five minutes longer, in that time it is needed to save CPU and connect it to other source of energy, or give him a new heart. Heart is made out from titan, and very tough to break, it can produce very big strong and big supply of energy in a short moment, but just like the organic heart, rest is needed. The heart is connected with health signalizing lights, so it can be seen how Edi is doing with energy. Still it is very good source of energy for module body, and it keeps Edi just all right alive everywhere.

Zde je artwork EDIho mechanického srdce, které pohání jeho modul. Tak se podívejte jak uvnitř vypadá :) A prosím nikde nekopírovat, sama jsem to kreslila :)

Here is artwork of EDI's mechanic heart, what gives power to his module. So take a look how he looks inside :) And please don't copy it, I draw it by myself :)

EDI - Module

17. dubna 2010 v 20:20 | Lightwild
Beautiful machine - clean
In the new adventure EDI got all new body, let's check out, what he is capable of now.

EDI was this time put into a very smaller body, than his original one. It's called a module, and this time he is in black color. The whole body is now painted in black with the shades of blue and dark blue. It is better for Stealth plane to be in black color. Dr. Orbit too chose this color like it means new life for EDI. EDI has too blue edges now and blue signs on his wings. EDI's new color is too useful for him to hide in the night easily, if he could need it. Keith too wanted to be sure he will know about EDI's health status. For this case on his new body was added red-yellow glowing lights, what shows his health status in the moment. With brighter light he is in better shape. EDI had on his small cockpit shiny blue clear eyes and mouth. What helps him to show his mood and feelings.

Due the small size of this body EDI can move anywhere he wants.What gives him chance to experience all by himself. His body has now a lot of new sensors. He can feel the temperature on his body, hear sounds and see into the big distance, he can feel scents, and feel touch. Because his new body has it's "skin" connected with sensors in his CPU. He can too feel pain through his body. On the ground he is for the most of time moving on his four wheels, what can be hided in his body. These wheels has very strong layers, and are resistant to every tough terrain. The whole body is made of Titan mixed with other metals. What made him light on weight and too resistant to cold, heat, acid, and water. And too strong against impacts.

EDI's source of energy in this body is mechanical heart. So he doesn't need any fuel or recharge system from some bigger source of energy. But he can be connected to another one. He can too gain energy from his solar panels on his wings.He can too use his own electric energy of his body like attack. Be sure you don't touch him when he doesn't want it, or you'll get pretty shock and burn. EDI is now capable of a lot more things. He can control his body temperature, so he can be cold or warm on touch. He can too fly with his strong wings, using his engines. These engines aren't for the most of time on the ground active, and can move without them, they are just for flying. He has too quite a big strength on his size. He can throw away the whole camion using all his strength.

In his wings are hided two strong blades. They are called Wing blades and they replaced the rockets and machine gun of his old body. This weapons were set into his body for his defense, f someone attacked him, so he could defend himself. Blades are very stable, strong and sharp. And they can get through almost everything, and with high speed they can really be dangerous weapon. Maybe only one thing what they can't get through is diamond. There can pulse energy in them.

One of the most amazing things is flexibility of this body. He can move naturally like every living creature. Curl into the ball, distend wings, shake with his butt XD He too even learned how to move in water, that he can swim. He says he learned it from dolphins.

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